black water bridge

Oklahoma has countless great musicians, many great vocalists, and dozens of phenomenal entertainers.  Each of the five members of Black Water Bridge rank at the top of all three of these categories.  Bringing together five entertainers perfectly capable of fronting their own projects with a common goal of creating the band of their dreams led to the formation of Black Water Bridge.  

From the beginning, Black Water Bridge has chosen harmony over genre, style over fads, and musicianship over last minute winging it. The result is a body of work which allows them to spend the entire night providing the best in vintage rock, with the option of blending in an equal share of the best of the most current 'new country', or to top it off by selectively mixing in current pop tunes destined to become classics.

While the music business has seen many changes over the years, Black Water Bridge continues to be true to their craft.  Every single song performed is played live, there are no backing tracks, no mysterious backing vocals, and no additional instruments pre-recorded to make them sound as good as they should on their own.  Black Water Bridge has invested the time, resources, and energy necessary to see their goals become a reality.  This has led to multi-layered harmonies, a digital sound system, an LED light show, and most importantly: the consideration of their audience.

If you are looking to book a band for a private event and read the promotional info of other bands, you will soon learn that there are many "most energetic," "number one party band," and "life of the party" claims.  Black Water Bridge doesn't stop at living up to those claims: they also realize that you may just want to sit back, listen, and enjoy the music at a volume that isn't an assault. Of course, they can always turn it up if needed.  Whether you sing along or dance the night away, Black Water Bridge will make your event, not themselves, the center of attention.